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About us


About us

Bai Xue Lian Bangladesh Ltd


Bai Xue Lian Bangladesh Ltd is a shoe sole manufacturing company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Established in collaboration with China’s most popular sole manufacturer Bai Xue Lian Bangladesh Ltd aims to deliver impeccable quality and on time deliver for its local and international customers.

The journey started when Bai Xue Lian, one of the most popular PU sole brands in China, showed interest to feed its customer from Bangladesh Ltd instead of China. It creates collaboration between New Vision along with some reputed businessmen to establish a factory in Dhaka. Bai Xue Lian Bangladesh limited receives dedicated technical support from its parent company in China.

Located in the city’s Dakkhin Khan, Uttara area Bai Xue Lian Bangladesh Ltd manufactures a wide range of high quality and comfortable shoe soles for men, women and children. To ensure global standard and prompt delivery, the company sources best quality raw materials from reputed suppliers from all around the world.

Having equipped and well experienced product development team, both from Chinese and local, gives the company extra edge to maintain quality standard and technical and production support.

Bai Xue Lian China, Parent Company of Bai Xue Lian Bangladesh Ltd, has long been exporting soles under the brand name of Bai Xue Lian to major shoe manufacturers and importers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, Ghana, Palestine, Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Philippines, Morocco, Turkey, Ukraine, Singapore, Thailand, Africa and other countries.

With its built in advantage of skilled labor, competitive price and supreme quality standard Bia Xue Lian Bangladesh Ltd, aims to explore the export market and also better serve Bangladesh market with best quality products.


■ Professional Membership

  • ● ISO 9001: 2008 Certified
  • ● Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)
  • ● Leather Goods and Footwear Manufacturer & Exporter Association of Bangladesh


■ Consultants

  • ● Interdec Systems, H#6, R# 9, Gulshan, Dhaka
  • ● Acube Atelier, H: 221, R # 15, DOSH, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
  • ● Confidence Software Limited


■ Auditor

  • ● ACNABIN, Chartered Accountants.
  • ● S. F. Ahmed & Co.


■ Legal Advisor

  • ● Al-Haj Md. Mosharrof Hossain, Advocate & Tax Consultants.
  • ● Advocate Md. Saleh Uddin, Bangladesh Supreme Court.
  • ● Advocate Kamal Hossain, Dhaka Judge court.


■ Banker

  • ● Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited
  • ● Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
  • ● Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited


Board of Directors Name

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